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O2O - Online-to-Offline Store - The Virtual Store.

What is O2O?


O2O - Online 2 Offline - is a digitized online platform that acts as a middleman between physical stores, suppliers and buyers. On the contrary, it can also be called as the virtual product market.


Features of O2O


The platform offers a wide range of servcies to ranging from the basic product ordering to keeping in touch and building relations with the suppliers.


Key benefits


  • Meet all China HomeLife suppliers before the expo
  • 1000s of real supplier profiles
  • Find all the latest products
  • Set up meetings with the suppliers
  • Access to special deals
  • Personal connection with the suppliers
  • Access to 1000s of special offers and deals
  • 365 day engagement
  • No Language barrier
  • Manage your meetings
  • Universal inbox.



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More on Import Procedures

1. Setting Market Objectives


  • Setting market objectives on pricing and terms


2. Sourcing Products


  • Identifying potential suppliers from a range of more than 3000.
  • Identify and discuss channels of distribution


3. Trade Regulations


  • Import regulations and requirements, and checking whether import license is required 
  • Patent, trademark and copyright


4. Making Contacts


  • Sending enquiries to the selected suppliers via the O2O (Online to Offline) platform available 365 days 24/7.


5. Settling Quotation and Terms


  • Analyzing the supplier's quotation and offers
  • Costs and terms of sale


6. Financing the Purchase


  • Preparing for working and investment capital.
  • Types of bank financing and application, such as exporter credit or other bank facilities.


7. Sales Contract

  • Confirming the sales contract and terms of transaction such as payment terms



8. Preparing Payment and Insurance


  • Preparing payments and insurance specified in sales contract.
  • Preparing insurance, cover note, when necessary


9. Acquiring Goods


  • Receiving shipping advice and arrival notice
  • Receiving export documents from the exporter
  • Collecting goods from the specified shipping company or forwarder


10. Customs Clearance


Arranging customs clearance and import declaration

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