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Best Way and Place to Find the Correct Chinese Supplier


There are hundreds and thousands of Chinese supplier online. Most of the time the organization looks legit. There’s potential for a business opportunity that could really take off. At the same time there are many scams, fakes, and just plain bad suppliers out there to watch out for. So how do you make sure you’re doing business with a legitimate supplier who you can trust?

Most of the businesses find that,verifying suppliers is the biggest problem they face when importing products from China. The main things any business need to consider when they selecting a long-term Chinese business partner.

  1. Suppliers production ability and capacity
  2. Suppliers product quality
  3. Suppliers reputation and make sure not a scam business or on the verge of bankruptcy
  4. Suppliers terms of business
  5. After sales support

To overcome these matters, the best solution is to attend a Chinese sourcing event where you can meet multiple manufacturers and network with other. Often, reputable suppliers will not “whore” themselves openly on Online, because they’ve already got enough business or only want to connect with proven buyers. Yet these are exactly the kind of suppliers you want to work with.

Also, a trade shows you will get the opportunity to physically look and feel the quality of the goods, Suppliers approach and attitude and how keen the supplier is to become a partner with you.  

Few benefits of coming to the China Sourcing Expo

  1. See new products and fell the finish and quality        
  2. Keep up to date on industry trends       
  3. Compare many Suppliers at one time  
  4. See specific companies or products
  5. Create and/or strengthen industry relationships       
  6. See products “in-person” that were reviewed online
  7. Get technical information or specifications
  8. Attend seminars/workshops
  9. Place Orders
  10. Source Partners
  11. Present at educational sessions
  12. See the attended competitors and what suppliers they approach

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Posted on Nov 25,2016