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An insight to Import Businesses

The first glance of the product tells a lot about its suppliers and producers image and capabilities. The process that follows supplier recognition is to deep dive into the suppliers background check which is a part of import process validation. At this point, you need to take necessary measures to decide and question yourself whether this product would add to your market value and boost your reputation in the market or just another investment which you wont bother turning back to.


Below are some key areas that you need to focus onto after you have agreed and set your mind to start an agreement with the suppliers:


Material: This being the frontend of your product, make sure that you get the most out of it. Be very specific and attentive when providing these details to the supplier.


Production Quality: Knowing the right amount of labor, resource and standards used to produce the product is a key indicator towards the final product. Excelling in this process leads to a quality yield.


Product Turnaround: Make sure you order a significant quantity as this leads to various consideration and priorities in the production process. Small orders usually take months to produce as your quote goes down in the priority list. Naturally, it is considered as an ignorable quantity for the manufacturer which can have a big impact on your business. Play rich. Size matters!


Shipping and Transit: When manufacturing from China, the most feasible and hassle-free provider – proven by research – is China Ocean Freight. There are couple of them in the market, but China Ocean Freight specializes in legal and custom duties processes. So all you need to do is get them involved and you could only imagine to complain as you experience the smoothness with which your products arrive to your destination.



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