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Why do you pay too much for your product supplies from local wholesalers? The best way to minimise the production cost is to start importing from Chinese suppliers. For that you should probably start looking to order product supplies directly from the manufacturer in China. When you engage in business to business level between your home country and Chinese companies you should figure out how to sort out production and quality issues, negotiate release of goods after a disagreement and maintain an effective communication when email and phone calls become exhaustive.

These success factors are crucial for business to business trading with China:

  • Protect the quality of your product- there are dozens of ways your production order can be reduced in quality and value and worn-out in time, after you signed the contract.

  • Supervise the production process – by doing that you can identify the product faults and quality issues. product quality starts with the first contact, and there are dozens of ways to prevent poor product quality prior to production

  • Shorten new product development time and innovations – understand what issues will delay the time to bring product to market for ODM (Original Design Manufacture) and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) projects

Usually the scale of savings on most products from are 30% to 200%, it depends on the product itself and a diverse range of other factors. It is certainly much cheaper, and a smarter long-term option, to learn to import from China and work directly with the manufacturer. Because it is not a secret that the closer you are with the supplier the lower your risk is going to be.
You must understand importing is very different from doing a business in your home country. Always do extra research and figure out what is best and build a strategic plan for your import business.


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