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Is it necessary to learn how to import from China? Obviously, you can do it yourself and learn as you proceed. That is what the most importers do, and they gain success as well. But it is always better to pursue knowledge before you commence any kind of a business. Remember you should not being only focusing on importing, the most important thing is to import a product that will do well in the market. This is the point where you are going to separate from the other basic importers and gain profit, learn how to do that;

1. Test the product idea – test and prove that your product, supplier and customers will succeed before you commence the import business.

2. Save time and money – start small, get product to market quickly and don’t rush to commit for costly/unnecessary extras unless you are 100 percent sure about the product.

3. Qualified and experienced – Before you chose a supplier, always do extra research and find out the best and qualified people to service you.

Once you start dealing with China Avoid these things when you trade with the Chinese suppliers,

The problems that you are going to face when dealing with intermediaries in China, including wholesalers, traders and sales agents are significant. You may face the following issues,

  • Hard to negotiate the changes – if you want to negotiate changes to the product while it is processing, it will be a challenging task because you will not be in touch with the person who does the production process.

  • Cost does not always equal the quality of the product – If you think the price you pay translates to quality, that is not always right. The untold truth is usually the wholesaler takes an undisclosed margin of profit.

  • Impossible to maintain a direct relationship with the factory- That is a big disadvantage because the closer your relationship with the factory the lower your risk is going to be.

You must compare the both sides; Risks and advantages before you jump right in to importing your products from China. Do not rush to commit unless you are completely convinced by the benefits. But if you learn the right way Chinese import businesses are the best to bring you the profits you never imagined.

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